ATSC 3.0

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ATSC 3.0 offers TV broadcasters new service and revenue opportunities, including 4K UHD video, immersive audio, addressable ads, audience measurement, and enhanced EAS.

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GuideBuilder XM ► New!
ATSC 3.0 signaling generator and encoder, with legacy ATSC 1.0 support.

StreamScope XM MT ► New!
Full-featured ATSC 3.0 broadcast stream monitoring and analysis system.

StreamScope XM Verifier ► New!
Windows-based software for verifying ATSC 3.0 broadcast stream quality.

The Benefits of ATSC 3.0

  • A better OTA system with IP streams, higher bitrate, improved compression, enhanced reception, and more flexible transmitter architecture
  • Multiple media enhancements including 4K video, immersive audio, interactive services, and the full range viewer devices
  • Addressable content such as locally targeted advertising and personalized program elements
  • More delivery options with Non-Real-Time (NRT) content and broadcast/broadband hybrid delivery

"ATSC 3.0 aims to change the very nature of broadcast television and bring it into the new millennium, becoming a part of our digital present and digital future."
- Geoffrey Morrison, CNET

"Unlike all preceding television standards, [ATSC 3.0] will affect far more than television, providing over-the-air audiences with options for using the internet and smart home receiver systems that can distribute to any device in the home"
- Dennis Haarsager, Current

"ATSC 3.0 is an amazing new standard, with amazing features and technical advances."
- Tom Butts, TV Technology