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broadcast metadata system

GuideBuilder5 Service Map

GuideBuilder maps and manages schedule provider inputs, physical transports, and UDP outputs. (Click to enlarge.)

GuideBuilder manages channel signaling, electronic program guides, content ratings, and more for all types broadcasts, simplifying station workflows and reducing operational costs.

Signaling, EPGs, and more

GuideBuilder seamlessly generates PSIP, DVB-SI, and EAS metadata. This unified management system ingests schedule listings from multiple sources, maps your DTV networks, and outputs standards-compliant metadata.

GuideBuilder Program Editor

GuideBuilder includes an editor for recurring programs, overruns, and last-minute changes. (Click to enlarge.)

With cost-saving deployment options

GuideBuilder is available as an integrated server, a software-only installation, VM-compatible software, and a managed cloud service. All versions include a network configuration application, a web-based program editor, and ATSC 3.0 readiness.

GuideBuilder now includes...

  • Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN) alerts and NRT content
  • Scheduled ingests from GuideBuilder NVR servers
  • Manual reordering of PSIP virtual channels
  • Forced output encoding and transmission
  • Conditional Access Table (CAT) descriptors for MPEG-2
  • Email notifications about RAID and power supply issues
  • ATSC A110 packet injection
  • Multiple schedules assigned to a single ATSC service
  • Activity Log tracking of output updates

GuideBuilder key features:

  • Generates PSIP, DVB-SI, and ATSC M/H program guide metadata
  • Automatic inputs from TMS, Rovi, PMCP, and other schedule providers
  • Handles hundreds of ATSC and DVB transport streams
  • Outputs to third-party multiplexers (Harris, Ericsson, Rohde & Schwarz) and open-system options (Triveni carousel and UDP)
  • Generates Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Mobile-EAS metadata
  • Color-coded service status maps
  • Detailed activity messages and runtime log files
  • Automatic error message emails and SNMP traps
  • Easy software downloads for new licensed features
  • Web-based, multi-user Program Editor with schedule editing, recurring and default program events, service extensions, and event conflict management, viewable on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Linux-based OS for mission-critical operation
  • Software-only and Virtual Machine (VM) installation options

GuideBuilder server specifications:

  • Type: 1RU rackmount chassis
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 or later
  • Ethernet: Two RJ45 BaseT Ethernet ports
  • COM Ports: One serial port and two USB ports
  • Weight: Approx. 39 lbs

Specifications subject to change.