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EPG generator for broadcast TV

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The leading metadata generation platform for broadcast TV, GuideBuilder 5 manages program guides for the most complex networks, simplifies workflows, and reduces operational costs.

A unified metadata platform

GuideBuilder 5 generates PSIP, DVB-SI, ATSC M/H, and M-EAS metadata. In one unified system, GuideBuilder 5 seamlessly ingests schedule listings, maps services, and generates fully compliant metadata for multiple DTV outputs.

GuideBuilder Program Editor

GuideBuilder 5 includes a web-based Program Editor for manual schedule changes. (Click to enlarge.)

With cost-saving deployment options

GuideBuilder 5 is available as an integrated server, a software-only installation, VM-compatible software, and a managed cloud service. All versions include web-based network configuration and program editor applications and are ready for ATSC 3.0.

GuideBuilder 5.1 now includes...

  • Configurable server redundancy, including push-button GPI switch overs
  • EPG management for SCTE-65 transport streams
  • Support for legacy ASI outputs
  • Support for Thompson NetProcessor carousel servers
  • Program Editor service maps
  • Service schedule exports to external websites
  • A/153 UDP signaling outputs
  • XSLT transforms for preprocessing generic and PMCP files
  • ATSC descriptors: User Defined, Private Information, and Extended Channel
  • Online/offline toggling of routes, outputs, providers, and schedule exports

GuideBuilder 5 key features:

  • Generates PSIP, DVB-SI, and ATSC M/H program guide metadata
  • Generates Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS) metadata
  • Automatic inputs from TMS, Rovi, PMCP, and other schedule providers
  • Handles hundreds of ATSC and DVB transport streams
  • Outputs to third-party multiplexers (Harris, Ericsson, Rohde & Schwarz) and open-system options (Triveni carousel and UDP)
  • Color-coded service status maps
  • Detailed activity messages and runtime log files
  • Automatic error message emails and SNMP traps
  • Easy software downloads for new licensed features
  • Web-based, multi-user Program Editor with schedule editing, recurring and default program events, service extensions, and event conflict management, viewable on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Linux-based OS for mission-critical operation
  • Software-only and Virtual Machine (VM) installation options

GuideBuilder 5 server specifications:

  • Type: 1RU rackmount chassis
  • OS: Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Ethernet: Two RJ45 BaseT Ethernet ports
  • COM Ports: One serial port and two USB ports
  • Weight: Approx. 39 lbs

Specifications subject to change.