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StreamScope MT-50 MPEG analyzers from Triveni Digital State-of-the-art StreamScope MT-50s provide fast, easy MPEG transport stream troubleshooting for broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV.

With comprehensive real-time analysis of multiple signals over all layers, they ensure transport streams meet all current DTV standards.

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StreamScope Portal ►
Ultraportable, touchscreen tablet-based MPEG analyzer.

StreamScope HDT Portable►
High-definition, touchscreen portable MPEG analyzer with multiple live inputs.

StreamScope LCP Portable ►
Low-cost portable MPEG analyzer with a battery-powered option.

StreamScope Rackmount ►
Powerful MPEG analyzer server for studio and headend installations.

  • Troubleshoot MPEG transport streams in real-time or recorded files.
  • Analyze QAM, ASI, Ethernet, RF, 8-VSB, SMPTE-310, and file inputs.
  • Monitor complete video and audio quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Verify metadata accuracy, cross-table references, and other details.
  • Quickly isolate PID, EPG, IP, EAS, GOP, and other issues.
  • Customize analysis rule sets and user interface to fit your needs.
  • Link to StreamScope MPEG analyzers and monitors for network QoS assurance.

StreamScope MT-50 Release 5.1 includes:

  • Enhanced System Monitor view with multiple input event histories
  • Enhanced EPG, Cross Table Analysis, and Logging views
  • New Table and PID Analysis views
  • Real-time log event percentage and severity graphs
  • Improved support for MPEG-4 (AVC) video thumbnail generation
  • OS platform upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04

Multichannel News Innovator Awards 2014 NewBay Media Product Innovation Award 2014

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