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advanced new MPEG analyzers

StreamScope MT-50 MPEG analyzers from Triveni DigitalStreamScope MT-50s are state-of-the-art MPEG analyzers for troubleshooting MVPD, broadcast, cable, IPTV, and satellite DTV networks.

Fast, easy troubleshooting

With detailed, real-time analysis of multiple signals over all layers, StreamScope MT-50s make it easy to ensure DTV transport streams meet current industry standards.

Find the analyzer for your needs:

StreamScope Portal ►
The award-winning tablet-based touch-screen PC for MPEG analysis on the go.

StreamScope Portable ►
This powerful portable analyzer handles up to ten transport streams at once.

StreamScope Low-cost ►
A low-cost, light-weight portable analyzer with a battery-powered option.

StreamScope Rackmount ►
The rackmount server MPEG analyzer for studio and headend installations.

StreamScope MPEG analyzers provide:

  • Rackmount, portable, and tablet-based models
  • QAM, ASI, GigE, 8-VSB, and SMPTE-310 inputs in real time
  • Transport stream and log file recordings
  • PSIP and DVB-SI cross-table consistency with patented analysis
  • Audio loudness and dialnorm graphs to verify CALM Act compliance
  • PCR jitter analysis to reduce synchronization issues
  • Audio buffer analysis and graphing
  • RF, DVB, SCTE-35, SCTE-142, QPSK, GOP, IP analysis, and more
  • EPG and ESG data sets and guide displays
  • Closed captioning verification and decoding
  • Connectivity to StreamScope remote TS monitors
  • And much more...

The new MT-50 MPEG analyzers include:

  • Up to 10 inputs analyzed simultaneously (20 simultaneous IP routes)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet input option
  • Quad ASI input and ASI playout options
  • At-a-glance user interface with dynamic graphs and charts
  • Custom configurable TS analysis rules
  • Triggered recordings of CALM Act violations
  • Past and current EPGs and PSIP/SI metadata
  • Mission-critical Linux-based OS
  • And much more...

Special limited-time introductory offer:

For a limited time, you can order new high-definition touch-screen StreamScope MT-50 HDT MPEG analyzers for the same price as classic StreamScope Portable MPEG analyzers. Learn more►