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EPG generator for cable TV

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Cable operators need to provide electronic program guides for QAM tuners, DVB-SI STBs, and MDU installations. That's why they need GuideBuilder 5, the leading EPG metadata generator.

For all CATV network types

GuideBuilder 5 ingests schedule listings, generates PSIP/DVB-SI/SCTE-65 metadata, and can send outputs for hundreds of channels. GuideBuilder 5 makes it easy to manage EPGs in an all-digital network infrastructure.

Generates clear-QAM, DVB-SI, and MDU metadata

GuideBuilder 5 metadata system for CATV

GuideBuilder 5 generates PSIP, DBV-SI, and SCTE-65 data for CATV services in one unified system. (Click to enlarge.)

This Linux-based system provides mission-critical reliability, email error alerts, and a simplified web-based GUI. Available as server and software-only options, GuideBuilder 5 speeds deployments, streamlines workflows, and ensures a superior program guide experience for clear-QAM, DVB-SI, and MDU viewers.

GuideBuilder 5 for cable TV key features:

  • EPG generation and management for thousands of CATV services
  • Automatic schedule downloads from multiple listing services
  • Standards-compliant PSIP, DVB-SI, and SCTE-65 metadata
  • Program guide outputs for clear-QAM, DVB-SI, and MDU customers
  • Virtual channel remapping for non-STB customers
  • A web-based, drill-down GUI for multiple-user access
  • Compliant channel part numbers
  • Channel lineup imports for faster schedule workflows
  • Easy editing of program descriptions, ratings, captioning and audio settings
  • Automatic alerts via SMTP email and SMS text messages
  • Input-to-output status checks with color-coded service maps

2014 BTR Diamond Technology Reviews Broadband Technology Report
2014 Diamond Technology Reviews

"Given the increasing number of cable operators making the transition to digital, our judges think Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder 5 has arrived at the perfect time.” - BTR

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