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StreamScope MT-60R MPEG Analyzer

Designed for studio and headend installations in DTV networks, StreamScope MT-50R is a powerful MPEG analyzer for advanced transport stream troubleshooting.

Centralized MPEG analysis

This full-featured rackmount server supports RF, SMPTE, ASI, QAM, DVB, 1 GigE, and 10 GigE inputs. It analyzes up to ten inputs at a time, monitors video and audio quality, verifies standards compliance, and displays drill-down metadata details.

With multiple inputs and remote monitoring

StreamScope MT-60 System Monitor Overview

StreamScope MT-50R can analyze up to ten MPEG transport stream inputs simultaneously. (Click to enlarge.)

With its Linux-based OS and multiple inputs, the MT-50R can improve video and audio quality across your DTV network. It can communicate with StreamScope transport stream monitors to display a single, unified QoS dashboard. And engineers can access its dynamic at-a-glance user interface on-site or via the Internet.

StreamScope MT-50R features:

  • Comprehensive real-time and file-based MPEG analysis
  • 64/256 QAM, ASI, Quad ASI, 1GigE/10GigE, 8-VSB, and DVB inputs
  • With 10 GigE interface, analyzes up to 10 inputs at a time (20 MDI IP routes)
  • RF, DVB, SCTE-35, SCTE-142, ISDB, MDI IP analysis and more
  • MPEG 2/4 SD/HD video rendering, thumbnails, buffer and bitrate graphs
  • HEVC analysis for HD and 4K video quality
  • Real-time PCR jitter analysis for synchronization
  • Transport stream and log file recordings, and ASI playout options
  • Patented PSIP/SI cross-table consistency analysis
  • Audio loudness, buffer, and dialnorm graphs, with triggered recordings of CALM Act violations
  • RF MER/BER signal-to-noise-ratio graphs
  • Past and present EPG program guides and metadata
  • 608/708 closed captioning verification, decoding, and recording
  • Frame-by-frame Group of Pictures (GOP) analysis of I/B/P frames
  • Client-based IGMP configuration, VLAN tagging, and IP multicast support
  • SCTE-18 EAS message analysis and logging
  • Optional SCTE-35 digital cue tone analysis
  • Networks with StreamScope RM-50 transport stream monitors

StreamScope MT-50R specifications:

  • 4U rackmount server with 19" rail kits
  • Size: 7" H x 19.0" W x 20.8" D
  • Weight: 43.5 lbs (19.7 kg)
  • CPU: One Intel quad-core 3.4 GHz 8 Mb cache
  • RAM: 2 x 4 DDR3 (total 8 GB)
  • Hard Drive: One 250 GB 3.5" SATA RAID
  • Expansion slots: Seven full-length
  • Data Ports:
    • Six USB 3.0
    • Two USB 2.0
    • Two GigE RJ-45 LAN
    • Two 9-pin D-type serial COM ports
    • One 25-pin D-type parallel port
  • Optical Drive: On slim DVD-RW
  • Power Supply: 650W Active PFC 80 Plus ultraquiet
  • OS: Linux-based
  • Environmental: Operating temp: 0-45 C, operating humidity: 10%-90%

Specifications subject to change.

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