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Electronic Program Guide

GuideBuilder generates accurate, standards-based PSIP, DVB-SI, mobile ESG, and other metadata. With more than 1,300 deployments, GuideBuilder has been the industry-leading EPG metadata system for over a decade.

Find the model that fits your needs:

GuideBuilder PSIP ►
Generates PSIP for ATSC transport streams and cable carriage of OTA broadcasts.

GuideBuilder SI ►
Generates DVB-SI metadata for EPGs on international DTV receivers.

New! GuideBuilder5 for Cable TV►
Generates PSIP and DVB-SI metadata for clear-QAM tuners and DVB DTAs.

GuideBuilder Mobile ►
Adds ATSC Mobile program guides (ESGs) to DTV broadcast services.

GuideBuilder Cloud ►
Reduces your EPG metadata costs with cloud-based PSIP generation.

GuideBuilder provides

  • Compliance with all FCC PSIP and PSI requirements
  • Consistent DTV metadata to prevent errors in transport streams
  • Support for multiple network configurations, from single stations to centralcasting from a control center
  • Open-system development that integrates with all popular MPEG encoders and multiplexers
  • User-friendly GUI that does not require extensive knowledge of ATSC standards
  • Automatic data importing from multiple input sources, with periodic scheduled updates
  • Flexible architecture that distributes effort within your organization

What Customers Say About GuideBuilder

"After significant thought, we decided to implement the full ATSC standard from day one, creating the best consumer experience possible. After speaking with all known vendors, I selected Triveni Digital. Their willingness to customize GuideBuilder for multichannel support and interface it with our existing program database system were key factors in their selection."
- Brian Coombs, Director of DTV Engineering, Clear Channel Television

"The GuideBuilder software adds another competitive advantage for service providers by offering a wide range of options, especially for the local programming of metadata."
- Michael Devlin, mPhase Executive VP, Sales and Business Development

"Triveni Digital provides us with a very flexible PSIP solution. They are the industry leader and we are pleased to have them on our team."
- Del Parks, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Vice President of Engineering and Operations

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