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With over 1,300 installations, GuideBuilder® is the market-leading DTV signaling, announcement, and EPG metadata generation and management system.

GuideBuilder Broadcast ►
PSIP, DVB-SI, and M-EAS generator for broadcast TV stations.

GuideBuilder Cable ►
EPG system for clear-QAM, DVB, SCTE-65, and MDU CATV networks.

GuideBuilder Cloud ►
Managed cloud service for PSIP and EPG metadata.

GuideBuilder XM ►
ATSC 3.0 transport encoder with legacy ATSC 1.0 support.

"[GuideBuilder is a] very needed product that solves a lot of issues in small and large systems.”— Broadband Technology Report

With GuideBuilder, you can...

  • Encode and output ATSC 3.0 streams as ROUTE, MTTP, and STLTP.
  • Manage ATSC 3.0 broadcast signaling.
  • View ATSC 3.0 announcement metadata (ESGs)
  • Handle broadcast and cable DTV metadata in one unified system
  • Generate PSIP/SI, DVB-SI, SCTE-65, ATSC-M/H, and M-EAS metadata
  • Set up automatic inputs from multiple listing services
  • Minimize costs with easy integration to third-party multiplexers and encoders
  • Manage program guide metadata for hundreds of transport streams
  • Enable effective channel branding throughout DTV networks
  • Make schedule changes with a web-based, multi-user Program Editor
  • Change program event audio, captioning, and parental settings
  • Import channel lineup data for easy system configuration
  • Send automatic email alerts to key technical personnel

What customers say about GuideBuilder

"Triveni Digital provides us with a very flexible PSIP solution. They are the industry leader and we are pleased to have them on our team."
- Del Parks, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Sinclair Broadcast Group

"After speaking with all known vendors, I selected Triveni Digital. Their willingness to customize GuideBuilder for multichannel support and interface it with our existing program database system were key factors in their selection."
- Brian Coombs, Director of DTV Engineering, Clear Channel Television

"The GuideBuilder software adds another competitive advantage for service providers by offering a wide range of options, especially for the local programming of metadata."
- Michael Devlin, Executive VP Sales and Business Development, mPhase Technologies

"Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder 5 platform allows us to deliver a consistent channel lineup experience to all customers."
- David Thacker, Technical Operations Manager, TVS Cable

GuideBuilder has won these industry awards:

BTR 2014 Diamond Technology Reviews Broadband Gear Report 4 Diamond Technology Review TV Technology 2010 Star Award

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