SkyScraper Datacasting System

ATSC 1.0 datacasting system

The SkyScraper® data broadcasting system is an efficient proven platform for content distribution via any ATSC 1.0 broadcast medium - terrestrial TV, cable, IP multicast, or satellite - with supplementary point-to-point delivery as needed.

For versatile applications

Here are a few ways organizations are benefiting from SkyScraper applications:

  • Corporations distribute digital content to branch offices, stores, customers, and partners to support training, advertising, and information management.
  • TV networks and station groups use satellite links to distribute ads and programs to affiliate and member stations, reducing costs and ensuring quality.
  • Public TV stations use available bandwidth to support their charter and deliver multimedia content for education, homeland security, and other services.

With flexible architecture

SkyScraper datacasting ssystem

SkyScraper is a flexible and scalable system. Open interfaces and modular architecture provide an end-to-end environment for content distribution applications that can be adapted to any network.

And powerful modules

SkyScraper has three main components to meet the requirements of your value chain and business model:

  • DataFab simplifies content flow management by enabling content publishers to organize content, set up broadcast schedules, and target content to receivers.
  • DataHub simplifies bandwidth control by enabling broadcast pipe managers to allocate bandwidth among multiple content publishers, insert content into broadcast streams, and monitor and report bandwidth usage.
  • DataReceiver extracts content from broadcasts and enables content recipients to extract content from broadcast streams and make it available to end users.
  • Delivers any type of digital content, including files, streaming media, and arbitrary IP packets
  • Assures reliable delivery with forward error correction and receiver acknowledgements
  • Controls content delivery via optional receiver targeting
  • Provides security and privacy through optional encryption
  • Supports automated content delivery with "Express folders"
  • Facilitates content delivery in multi-transmitter networks via multi-transport stream scheduling
  • Facilitates future growth with extensible, scalable architecture
  • Supports ATSC and DVB data broadcast standards
  • Has built-in encapsulation of files into IP packets, and IP packets into MPEG-2 packets
  • Facilitates custom extensions by being standards-based
  • Provides XML/IP-based remote scheduling interface for external applications
  • Operates with all major encoders, multiplexers, and IP encapsulators
  • Enables managers of broadcast pipes to manage and monitor broadcast bandwidth and support multiple content providers
  • Enables managers of content to control content scheduling within
    bandwidth allocations and reuse content from diverse sources

What customers say about SkyScraper

"In an emergency, people tend to immediately turn to their local TV and radio stations for information. Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper has made communication and delivery of targeted information to affected areas affordable and simple."
- Gil Maxwell, VP and CTO, Maine Public Broadcasting Network

"The team at Triveni Digital has done a fantastic job ensuring their product was integrated with our asset management database. SkyScraper has proven to be a solid product."
- Alan Popkin, Director of Engineering, KLCS-TV

"The Triveni Digital SkyScraper ESN solution, the basis of our RESN, leverages existing infrastructures at our facilities and at KPBS to deliver valuable training and emergency information to regional agencies, because it’s a cost-effective, easy-to-access system.”
- Officer Sandi Lehan, Special Projects Manager, San Diego Police Department

SkyScraper Data Broadcast System honored at NAB2003