Executive Team

Triveni Digital

Mark Simpson
President and CEO

Mark Simpson

Mark is the founding president of Triveni Digital, formerly LG Electronics Research Center of America. Since its inception in 1997, Triveni Digital has been a leading provider of solutions that enable broadcasters and cable companies to deploy advanced services by exploiting the potential of digital broadcast technology. Now employee-owned and celebrating more than 20 years of field-proven products, Triveni Digital is focused on NextGen TV ecosystem development, in partnership with other leading technology providers, to enable robust deployment of innovative services made possible by ATSC 3.0.

Mark has extensive experience building and leading teams that developed cutting-edge embedded systems and imaging technology, with an emphasis on commercial applications. Prior to Triveni Digital, he held R&D management roles at Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, and Xerox. Mark has a Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic and Computability Theory from Cornell University, and a B.S. in Mathematics from SUNY at Binghamton.

Mark Corl
Senior Vice President of Emergent Technology Development

Mark Corl

Mark determines the strategic direction of Triveni Digital given the large perturbations in digital TV technology, including IP-delivered content. Mark has been a key leader for more than 19 years, with extensive contributions in product engineering and architecture.

During his tenure at Triveni Digital, Mark has lead both the GuideBuilder and StreamScope development efforts as well as custom projects such as the award-winning Fox network control system (ANDES). Prior to Triveni Digital, Mark had 15 years of software engineering experience ranging from marine geophysical data acquisition technologies to architecture of embedded systems in very high-speed print servers at leading companies such as Texas Instruments and Xerox Corporation. Mark holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bucknell University.

David Catapano
Senior Vice President of Engineering

David Catapano

David joined Triveni Digital more than 19 years ago as one of our first engineering team members, and today is responsible for designing and developing our array of award-winning digital TV products for a fast-changing marketplace.

Prior to his career at Triveni Digital, David worked for 12 years at Xerox Corporation, where he developed advanced technology products for the digital printing industry. He also led the development of distributed real-time embedded operating systems, system architecture for high-speed production printing systems, and was a technical liaison to Xerox PARC. David has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Ralph Bachofen
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Ralph Bachofen

As leader of our sales and marketing group for the past eight years, Ralph brings extensive experience in voice and multimedia over Internet Protocol (IP), telecommunications, and the semiconductor business.

Ralph joined Triveni Digital from Conexant Systems, a semiconductor company driving broadband communications for the digital home. As manager of product marketing, Ralph led the worldwide DSL customer premises equipment (CPE) semiconductor product efforts. His professional career also includes senior technical and marketing roles at Siemens and Accelerated Networks. Ralph holds an Executive M.B.A. from Kaderschule St. Gallen and a B.S. in Telecommunication Technologies from HTW Chur.

Ken Jacobsen
Vice President, Finance and Operations

Ken Jacobsen, VP of Finance and Operations, Triveni Digital

Ken brings more than 25 years of accounting and financial analysis experience in publishing, media, and information services to his role as the head of finance functions at Triveni Digital.

Prior to joining Triveni Digital, Ken held a variety of divisional and group operating financial positions at Thompson Corporation and The McGraw-Hill Companies. During that time, he also served as Controller for About.com from it startup phase through IPO and subsequent acquisition. Ken holds a dual BS in Accounting and Corporate Finance from SUNY Buffalo.