StreamScope XM ATSC 3.0 Stream Analyzer

ATSC 3.0 stream monitoring

StreamScope XM Monitor

This award-winning ATSC 3.0 monitoring, auditing, and logging software plays a pivotal role in delivering high quality service to NextGen TV viewers, while increasing operational efficiencies and ensuring regulatory compliance for broadcasters.

For NextGen TV QoS assurance

StreamScope XM Monitor performs advanced real-time monitoring of ATSC 3.0 streams and enables broadcasters to create rule-based notifications and view scheduled reports to pinpoint and troubleshoot service issues. Its data integrity capabilities ensure accurate delivery of broadcast applications and datacasting content.

Fully integrated with StreamScope XM

StreamScope XM MT Broadcast Summary subview

StreamScope XM generates reports that can be automatically sent to specified recipients. (Click to enlarge.)

StreamScope XM Monitor offers seamless integration with the StreamScope XM Analyzer, Dashboard, and Enterprise applications. Connecting to the centralized StreamScope Enterprise enables customizable dashboards and enterprise-wide ATSC 3.0 quality of service assurance.

StreamScope XM Monitor benefits:

  • Ensure quality, performance, and compliance of ATSC 3.0 streams.
  • Customize triggers, notifications, and reports to fit your monitoring needs.
  • Integrate with stream analysis, custom dashboards, and system management.
  • Rely on industry-leading, U.S.-based customer support.

StreamScope XM Monitor features:

  • Advanced monitoring of video, audio, data, STLTP, ROUTE, MMTP, and other ATSC 3.0 stream and data types
  • Customizable triggers for rule events
  • Analysis rules based on ATSC 3.0 standards for various stream types and severity levels
  • Triggered email, recording and URL outputs
  • Monthly, daily, and hourly reports
  • Scheduled reports emailed to specified recipients via SMTP or IMAP servers
  • Customizable report structures and content
  • Downloadable hourly report PDFs
  • Seamless integration with StreamScope XM Analyzer and Dashboard software
  • And more...

TV Technology 2016 Product Innovation Awards Measuring and Monitoring

"The 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards honor innovative breakthroughs that will change the way the media and entertainment industry creates, connects and capitalizes content.”
- Chris Brown, NAB VP of Global Connections and Events