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TV Technology, 12/16/2016
Winners of 2016 Product Innovation Awards Announced
(including StreamScope XM ATSC 3.0 Analyzer)

TV Technology, 12/06/2016
Chernock to Present ATSC 3.0 Update at ICCE 2017

The Broadcast Bridge, 11/17/2016
A Tutorial on ATSC 3.0 Signaling and Announcement: The Next PSIP

Radio + Television Business Report, 11/15/2016
ATSC 3.0 Unveiled: Triveni Digital, DS Broadcast

Studio Daily, 11/14/2016
How ATSC3 Changes Broadcasting for the Better (It's Not Just 4K)

TVNewsCheck, 11/10/2016
Expanded Ad Sales Among 3.0's Potential

Broadband Technology Report, 11/07/2016
Triveni, Avateq Team on ATSC 3.0 Analysis, Monitoring

Sports Video Group News, 11/01/2016
Keynote Case Study Goes Inside Historic ATSC 3.0 World Series Broadcasts

ATSC: The Standard, 11/01/2016
ATSC 3.0 World Series Broadcast a Home Run!

video Home Theater Geeks, 10/27/2016
(Video) What's Up With ATSC 3.0?

TVNewsCheck, 10/27/2016
AWARN Alerting: An ATSC 3.0 Business Model

Broadcasting & Cable, 10/26/2016
World Series Broadcast Marks an ATSC 3.0 First

TV Technology, 10/17/2016
Triveni Readies StreamScope, GuideBuilder for NAB NY

Advanced Television, 10/13/2016
Industry Releases ATSC 3.0 Planning Guide

TV Technology, 09/27/2016
Dr. Chernock to Lead ATSC 3.0 Session at IEEE BTS

The Daily Television, 09/23/2016
Triveni Digital presentará el StreamScope EM-50 en Cable-Tec Expo 2016

Broadcast Beat, 09/08/2016
ATSC 3.0 - A New Standard Emerges

The Broadcast Bridge, 09/07/2016
Triveni Digital Supports ATSC 3.0 Transition

TVNewsCheck, 08/25/2016
IBC Set to Tackle Major TV Transitions

TV Technology, 08/15/2016
New Triveni Digital StreamScope XM QA Supports ATSC 3.0

TV Technology, 07/22/2016
Test Gear Meets Challenge of UHD, ATSC 3.0

ATSC: The Standard, 07/19/2016
Capitol Broadcasting Launches ATSC 3.0 Television Station

TV Technology, 07/08/2016
A Channel-Sharing Proposal for ATSC 3.0

The Daily Television, 07/01/2016
Ralph Bachofen, de Triveni Digital: Innovaciones Para Broadcasters

TV Technology, 06/30/2016
Triveni Digital Supported WRAL’s ATSC 3.0 Broadcast

TV Technology, 06/22/2016
Coming Soon: ATSC 3.0

TV Technology, 06/13/2016
2016 NAB Product Review: Test and Measurement

TVNewsCheck, 06/09/2016
Six Reasons Why IP is the Future of OTA TV

TVNewsCheck, 06/07/2016
Rich Chernock To Conduct ATSC 3.0 IP Transport Webinar

NAB 2016 Best of Show Guide, 06/01/2016
GuideBuilder XM for ATSC 3.0 Broadcast TV

ATSC: The Standard, 06/01/2016
Someone You Should Know: Triveni's Corl Solves Puzzles for Broadcasters

TV Technology, 05/25/2016
An Insider's Guide to the Development of ATSC 3.0

TV Technology, 05/13/2016
ATSC 2016: Wireless TV Everywhere

CNET, 05/11/2016
ATSC 3.0: What you need to know about the future of broadcast television

TVNewsCheck, 05/05/2016
Apps, Broadband, Broadcast = 3.0 Interactivity

ATSC: The Standard, 05/03/2016
NAB Show Rewind: ATSC 3.0 Takes Center Stage

video ATSC: The Standard, 05/02/2016
(Video) Award Recognition for Rich Chernock

TV Technology, 04/27/2016
5Q's About NAB 2016: Dr. Richard Chernock

TV Technology, 04/25/2016
TV Technology Announces 2016 NAB Best of Show Award Winners

NAB Show Daily News, 04/20/2016
NAB Recognizes Technology Veterans

NAB Show Daily News, 04/19/2016
Exhibitor News: Triveni Digital

Broadcasting & Cable, 04/18/2016
Chernock: FCC Spectrum Auction Has ATSC 3.0 Implications

TV Technology, 04/17/2016
NAB 2016: Seven Vendors Team Up on ATSC 3.0

TV Technology, 04/16/2016
What Tom Said: Recognition for the Past and Future

TV Technology, 04/13/2016
Triveni Bringing StreamScope EM-50 to NAB Show

Broadcast, 04/13/2016
NAB to Highlight ATSC 3.0 Advances

Broadcasting & Cable, 04/11/2016
New Group to Tackle ATSC 3.0 Emergency Benefits

TV Technology, 04/11/2016
Triveni to Launch ATSC 3.0 GuideBuilder at 2016 NAB Show

Broadcast Beat, 04/07/2016
ASTSC 3.0 Demonstrations at NAB Show to Showcase Flexible, Adaptable Standard, 04/05/2016
Triveni Digital Simplifies Migration to ATSC 3.0

TV Technology, 03/31/2016
2016 Product Preview: Test & Measurement

Broadcast Beat, 03/30/2016
Dr. Richard Chernock, IEEE BTS Distinguished Lecturer, to Receive 2016 NAB Television Engineering Achievement Award

TVNewsCheck, 03/25/2016
Chernock Reflects on ATSC 3.0, Engineering Award

TV Technology, 03/24/2016
Triveni and DAS Team on Ohio Digital EAS

TV Technology, 03/23/2016
Chernock, Laird and Symson Earn NAB Honors

TVNewsCheck, 03/08/2016
Triveni Digital to Present on ATSC 3 at NAB Show

The Broadcast Bridge, 02/26/2016
Triveni to Demonstrate Seamless ATSC 3.0 Migration Plan at NAB

TVNewsCheck, 02/16/2016
Chernock to Discuss ATSC 3 at SMPTE New England Meeting

SMPTE/New England, 02/03/2016
The Next Generation of Broadcast Television: ATSC 3.0

ATSC: The Standard, 01/08/2016
ATSC by the Numbers: 2015 in Review

NewBay Media Product Innovation Awards 2015 Program Guide, 01/06/2016
StreamScope RM-40 Closed-Caption and Video Monitoring System