StreamScope MPEG Analyzers and Transport Stream Monitors

video and audio quality assurance

StreamScope video and audio quality assurance

Based on industry standards and custom parameters, StreamScope MPEG analyzers and transport stream monitors ensure video and audio quality for DTV service providers.

Learn more about StreamScope products:

MPEG Analyzers ►
Analyze and troubleshoot transport streams in many convenient form factors.

Transport Stream Monitors ►
Monitor transport stream compliance with on-site, remote, and mobile access.

CALM Loudness Monitors ►
Monitor audio levels and locate loud commercials for CALM Act compliance.

Enterprise Monitoring System ►
Monitor and manage video QoS across broadcast and cable DTV networks.

StreamScope provides...

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of all common inputs by industry standards and user-configured performance targets
  • Transport stream recording based on user configurations
  • Video rendering, video thumbnails, and audio thumbnails
  • Dynamic color-coded graphs, charts, and tables
  • Rule-based transport stream comparisons
  • Postmortem analyses for solving complex video problems
  • Detailed current and historical reports
  • Drill-down EPG metadata analysis
  • Audio loudness checks for CALM Act compliance
  • And much more

What customers say about StreamScope

"Our choice of Triveni Digital was driven by the need to have a solid, dependable supplier that could provide a product that will meet our needs today and accommodate our future requirements. We believe Triveni is the leader in this arena."
-Harvey Arnold, Director of Engineering, Sinclair Broadcast Group

“StreamScope is the most accurate and comprehensive solution we have found for diagnosing terrestrial and mobile transport stream issues in real time.”
-Yves Montané, Director of Research and Development Engineering, FOX Technology Group

"Since installing StreamScope, we’ve been able to proactively resolve video and audio issues before they impact our customers."
-Scott Human, Headend Supervisor, Highland Media

"The small form factor and portability of the StreamScope Portal allows our staff to conveniently carry the tablet-based tool...without compromising any of the monitoring functionality required to ensure superior quality of service for our subscribers "
-Darren Richer,CTO, Columbia Communications