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StreamScope RM-50 HBE MPEG transport stream monitor

The StreamScope RM-60 High Bandwidth Edition (HBE) provides complete QoS assurance and regulatory compliance for up to two gigabits of GigE inputs.

For monitoring more services

The HBE has all the standard RM features, with added throughput. With two GigE input ports and two hard drives, this high-capacity model can monitor hundreds of services.

StreamScope RM-50 Services Dashboard

StreamScope RM-60 HBE provides GigE capacity for monitoring more DTV services. (Click to enlarge.)

With closed caption and loudness verification

To maintain FCC 14-12 compliance, the RM-60 HBE reports missing, inaccurate, and unsynchronized closed captions. For CALM Act compliance, the RM-60 HBE performs spot checks, displays LKFS, and generates loudness reports.

StreamScope RM-60 HBE Key Features

  • Supports an ASI, RF, SMPTE, and two GigE inputs.
  • Includes two hard disk drives for extra storage.
  • Monitors ATSC, A/78, MPEG, SCTE-142, and DVB compliance.
  • Automatically records and compares live transport streams.
  • Live video and audio thumbnails and buffer analysis.
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface with color-coded, drill-down dashboards.
  • At-a-glance time line reports showing all the QoS trends for a service on one color-coded page.
  • Configurable rules, rule sets, and rule clusters for customized alerts.
  • Continuous closed captioning monitoring of EIA-608, EIA-708-E, SCTE 20, and SCTE 21 caption types encoded in MPEG-2 and AVC (H.264).
  • Detailed closed caption reports with time-stamped video thumbnails and FCC rule violations.
  • Detailed current and historical reports.
  • Sends error alerts via email, SMS, and SNMP v3 traps.
  • Provides round-robin monitoring pools for RF and GigE ports.
  • Optional Remote Troubleshooting module (RTm) saves up to six months of
    historical data for postmortem analyses.
  • Optional Live Service monitor (LSm) application with real-time video and audio QoS data displays for comparing services.
  • Remote administration of user accounts, software uploads and log files.
  • Mobile access via iPhone®, Android®, and similar devices.
  • Connects to StreamScope MPEG analyzers and Enterprise managers for enterprise-wide video quality assurance.

StreamScope RM HBE Closed Caption Monitoring

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  • Analyze caption quality with correlated time lines.
  • Verify caption accuracy with video thumbnails.
  • Troubleshoot caption issues with detailed reports.
  • Customize analysis rules for your needs.
  • View Nexidia® Illuminate compliance reports (optional).

"A great way to troubleshoot closed caption issues." — TV Technology

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RM-50 Services Overview RM-50 Closed Captioning Video Thumbnail Report
StreamScope RM-50 Nexidia Illuminate report RM-50 Timeline Report