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high bandwidth transport stream monitor

StreamScope RM-50 HBE MPEG transport stream monitor

StreamScope RM-50 High Bandwidth Edition (HBE) provides complete QoS assurance and regulatory compliance for up to two gigabits of GigE inputs.

For monitoring more services

The HBE has all the standard RM-50 monitoring features, with added throughput. With two GigE input ports and two hard drives, this high-capacity model meets the needs of DTV networks with hundreds of services..

StreamScope RM-50 Services Dashboard

StreamScope RM-50 HBE provides GigE capacity for monitoring more DTV services. (Click to enlarge.)

With closed caption and loudness verification

To maintain FCC 14-12 compliance, the RM-50 HBE reports missing, inaccurate, and unsynchronized closed captions. For CALM Act compliance, the RM-50 HBE performs spot checks, displays LKFS graphs, and generates commercial loudness reports.

StreamScope RM-50 HBE key features

  • Supports an ASI, RF, SMPTE, and two GigE inputs
  • Includes two hard disk drives for extra storage
  • Monitors ATSC, A/78, MPEG, SCTE-142, and DVB compliance
  • Automatically records and compares live transport streams
  • Live video and audio thumbnails and buffer analysis
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface with color-coded, drill-down dashboards
  • At-a-glance time line reports showing all the QoS trends for a service on one color-coded page.
  • Configurable rules, rule sets, and rule clusters for customized alerts
  • Continuous closed captioning monitoring of EIA-608, EIA-708-E, SCTE 20, and SCTE 21 caption types encoded in MPEG-2 and AVC (H.264)
  • Detailed closed caption reports with time-stamped video thumbnails and FCC rule violations.
  • Detailed current and historical reports
  • Sends error alerts via email, SMS, and SNMP v3 traps
  • Provides round-robin monitoring pools for RF and GigE ports
  • Optional Remote Troubleshooting module (RTm) saves up to six months of
    historical data for postmortem analyses
  • Optional Live Service monitor (LSm) application with real-time video and audio QoS data displays for comparing services.
  • Remote administration of user accounts, software uploads and log files
  • Mobile access via iPhone®, Android®, and similar devices
  • Connects to StreamScope EM-50s for enterprise-wide QoS monitoring

State-of-the-art closed caption monitoring

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  • Analyze caption quality with correlated time lines.
  • Verify caption accuracy with video thumbnails.
  • Troubleshoot caption issues with detailed reports.
  • Customize analysis rules for your needs.
  • View Nexidia® Illuminate compliance reports (optional).

"A great way to troubleshoot closed caption issues." — TV Technology

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RM-50 Services Overview RM-50 Closed Captioning Video Thumbnail Report
StreamScope RM-50 Nexidia Illuminate report RM-50 Timeline Report