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2022 NAB Show Exhibitor Preview

April 23-27
Las Vegas
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PRINCETON, N.J. - March 10, 20222015 NAB Show

As ATSC 3.0 deployments ramp up across the U.S., broadcasters are looking for ways to simplify the transition to NextGen TV and optimize the delivery of new revenue-enhancing services, including advanced emergency alerts, program guides, targeted advertising, and datacasting applications. At the 2022 NAB Show, Triveni Digital, the industry leader in service quality assurance solutions, will demonstrate its end-to-end NextGen TV solutions for broadcasters. Triveni Digital’s ATSC 3.0 solutions offer extensive integration with third-party products and have been deployed by leading broadcasters in the U.S., including Meredith, Hearst Television, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and ARK Multicasting.

“NextGen TV is now being broadcast in more than 40 markets covering 45% of the U.S. population. Broadcasters making the transition to ATSC 3.0 have an incredible opportunity to open new revenue streams. Triveni Digital is leading the charge to streamline NextGen TV operations with end-to-end ATSC 3.0 solutions for optimized delivery of datacasting services enabling broadcasters to drive new revenue streams,” said Ralph Bachofen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Triveni Digital.

New Solutions Highlighted at the 2022 NAB Show Will Include:

New StreamScope® XM ATSC 3.0 Monitor

A key highlight at the 2022 NAB Show will be Triveni Digital’s new StreamScope® XM ATSC 3.0 Monitor. The ATSC 3.0 professional monitoring, auditing, and logging system plays a pivotal role in increasing operational efficiencies for broadcasters and delivering a high quality of service for NextGen TV. The system also includes long-term monitoring and reporting capabilities that speed up postmortem analysis.

The new ATSC 3.0 monitor offers seamless integration with Triveni Digital’s StreamScope XM Analyzer, StreamScope XM Dashboard, and StreamScope Enterprise, and is a must-have solution for broadcasters operating in the NextGen TV environment. Connecting to Triveni Digital’s StreamScope Enterprise centralized software solution, the system allows broadcasters to have enterprise-wide visibility into service assurance issues to detect, isolate, and resolve ATSC 3.0 issues quickly.

New Applications for SkyScraper® XM Datacasting System

At the 2022 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will showcase its SkyScraper® XM Datacasting System for ATSC 3.0. SkyScraper XM supports standard content distribution and private NRT distribution applications over ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0, with optimized data delivery features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC), Opportunistic Data Insertion, and statistical multiplexing through hybrid broadcast and broadband delivery systems.

Triveni Digital will demonstrate the SkyScraper XM system with a variety of receivers, showcasing its unparalleled scalability and efficiency for delivering advanced, revenue-enhancing datacasting services. In particular, SkyScraper XM will be shown with Triveni’s new Media Hub™ receiver, designed to simplify shared media access in facilities such as schools and learning centers. Datacasting applications that will be highlighted include IoT, remote learning, connected car and autonomous vehicles, and gaming. As new datacasting applications emerge and as ATSC 3.0 is more broadly deployed, Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper XM will accommodate the new use cases on a variety of hardware and operating system solutions.

Bringing ATSC 3.0 Expertise to the BEITC Conference

Triveni Digital will lead several ATSC 3.0-themed conference sessions at the 2022 NAB Show as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing educational information to broadcasters.

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Company Overview:
Triveni Digital is a leading provider of program guide and metadata management, broadcast stream encoding, data broadcasting, and service quality-assurance solutions for broadcasters and service providers. Renowned for their ease of use and innovative features, Triveni Digital’s solutions enable customers to deliver enhanced programs and services to television viewers. Working with leading industry partners, Triveni Digital employs an open and standards-compliant approach to the digital television market. As a leader in ATSC 3.0 solutions, a key contributor to standards development, and an active participant in next-generation ATSC trials and deployments, Triveni Digital is leading the charge to a new, exciting broadcast television future. More information is available at

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