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CALM audio loudness monitors

Stay CALM with StreamScope

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act requires U.S. TV commercials not to exceed dialnorms by more than a few LKFS units. StreamScope CALM monitors help meet this challenge.

Ensure CALM Act compliance

StreamScope CALM monitors analyze audio streams for ATSC A/85, ITU-R BS.1770-3, and CALM Act compliance. By locating loudness problems, these monitors improve DTV audio quality and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Learn more about CALM monitors:

StreamScope RM-40 CALM ►
A low-cost loudness monitor with CALM compliance spot checks, graphs, and reports.

StreamScope RM-40 Ultra CALM ►
A high-capacity loudness monitor that can spot check up to 50 audio streams at a time.

StreamScope CALM monitors provide:

  • Loudness levels and dialnorm values for multiple audio streams
  • Scheduled and on-demand CALM Act compliance spot checks
  • Loudness out-of-bounds event totals for services and PIDs
  • Time-stamped video thumbnail images of potential CALM Act violations
  • Detailed CALM Act compliance reports
  • Record loudness logs based on configurable parameters
  • Automatic loudness alerts via SMS, SNMP, and email
  • IP, ASI and RF input options
  • Connectivity with StreamScope MPEG analyzers
  • Connectivity with StreamScope enterprise monitors