StreamScope CALM Monitors

ensure CALM Act compliance

Stay CALM with StreamScope

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act requires TV commercials in the U.S. not to exceed the dialnorm level by more than a set number of LKFS units. StreamScope CALM monitors help service providers meet the challenge of CALM Act compliance.

Easily locate loud commercials

StreamScope CALM monitors analyze AC3 and non-AC3 audio streams for compliance with all ATSC A/85, ITU-R BS.1770-2, and CALM Act requirements and recommendations. By isolating and reducing loudness problems, these innovative tools improve viewers' audio QoS and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Learn about StreamScope CALM monitors

RM-40 CALM ►
A low-cost DTV audio monitor with CALM spot checks, loudness graphs, and reports.

RM-40 Ultra CALM ►
A high-capacity DTV audio monitor that can spot check up to 50 audio streams at a time.

StreamScope CALM DTV loudness monitors provide

  • Loudness levels and dialnorm values for multiple audio streams
  • Scheduled and on-demand CALM Act compliance spot checks
  • Loudness out-of-bounds event totals for services and PIDs
  • Time-stamped video thumbnail images of potential CALM Act violations
  • Detailed CALM Act compliance reports
  • Record loudness logs based on configurable parameters
  • Automatic loudness alerts via SMS, SNMP, and email
  • IP, ASI and RF input options
  • Connectivity with StreamScope MT-40s for in-depth MPEG analysis
  • Connectivity with StreamScope EM-40 for enterprise-wide monitoring